Base map:
Local Plan:

Set the start (A) and end point (B) of your journey by either searching for a location, or by clicking on the map.

Routing information is shown in a new window using the Transport Direct site.

Please ensure that popup's are enabled for this site.

Set using map

Set using map

Click on the page orientation to preview your map:


To see the print preview window you will need to ensure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser for this site.

The layout of this page is designed so that you can view map based information on the right hand side of your screen at all times, whilst allowing you to view and query text based information on the left hand side using the tabs.

Using the Map
  • Drag the map with your mouse
  • Use the zoom bar on the left of the map to zoom in or out
  • Use the arrows on the top-left of the map to scroll
  • Use the centre square of the arrows to go back to the start
  • Click on the map to identify items on the map

Map Features tab
  • You can add data to the map by clicking on an item within the Map Data panel, e.g. schools, libraries, parks, etc.
  • You can show real-time geo-spatial feeds on the map within the Social Media Feed panel.

Directions tab
  • You can set a start and end point of a journey either by typing in a location or by clicking on the map.
  • The directions are currently provided by Transport Direct.

Print tab
Print in portrait or landscape formats.

Feedback / Problems
If you experience a problem with using Interactive Mapping, or if you would like to provide feedback, then click here.