Interactive Mapping
Interactive Mapping
The interactive map will give you information about the County. If this is your first visit, please use the 'Help' tab to find out more about how to use it.
Add layers to the map [maximum ten layers]:
Open/Close Category Aerial Photos
Aerial Photos
Open/Close Category East and West Cheshire Administrative Boundaries
Area Partnerships
Open/Close Counting.....
Westminster Constituencies
European Constituencies
Open/Close Category Historical Data Administrative Boundaries
All Wards Pre 2011 Elections
Districts Pre 1 April 2009
Open/Close Category Cheshire East Administrative Boundaries
Cheshire East
Cheshire East Wards
Cheshire East Wards Pre 2011 Elections
Mask Cheshire East
Open/Close Category Cheshire West and Chester Administrative Boundaries
Cheshire West and Chester
Cheshire West and Chester Wards
Cheshire West and Chester Wards Pre 2011 Elections
Mask Cheshire West and Chester
Open/Close Category Local Elections
Cheshire West Polling Districts
Cheshire West Polling Stations
Open/Close Category Rivers, roads and railways
Major Rivers
Major Roads
Adopted Highways
Winter Gritting Routes
Railway Stations
Bus Stops
Street Lights
Open/Close Category Government
Local Government Buildings
Open/Close Category Parking Restrictions and Controls
Bus Stop Clearway
Pedestrianised Area
Prohibition of driving
School Keep Clear
Disabled Persons Parking Places
Limited Waiting
Restriction of loading and unloading
Restricted Road
Prohibited Road
Taxi Stand
One Way
Open/Close Category Education
Primary School Catchment Areas
Secondary School Catchment Areas
Open/Close Category Children and Families Services
Childrens Centres
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Play Areas
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Restricted Byways
Byways Open to all Traffic
Open/Close Category Promoted Routes
Open/Close Counting.....
Open/Close Category Historic Environment Record
Areas of Archeological Importance Locations
Areas of Archeological Importance Boundaries
Areas of Archeological Potential Locations
Areas of Archeological Potential Boundaries
Conservation Area Locations
Conservation Area Boundaries
Registered Battlefield Locations
Registered Battlefield Boundaries
Listed Building Locations
Listed Building Areas
Registered Parks and Garden Locations
Registered Parks and Garden Boundaries
Scheduled Monument Locations
Scheduled Monument Boundaries
Open/Close Category Nature
Country Parks
Last updated: 19 May 2015
Social Data
Currently unavailable
Use this form to report potholes, missing signs, broken street lights, etc.
For out-of-hours emergencies, please contact your local area highways team (Cheshire West and Chester Area Highways Team or Cheshire East Area Highways Team) by telephone. Faults reported using this page are monitored during normal working hours only.
1. Select category:
2. Select problem:
3. Locate the fault on the map by either:
• Using the Location Search tool above the map and entering a street, town or postcode, or
• Using the yellow zoom tools on the map to zoom and drag map into position
4. Drag the flag onto the fault then complete the rest of the form.
Nearest street:  
5. Describe the fault location: (not required for street light faults)
6. Fault Description:
7. Enter your contact details below in case we need to contact you
First Name (* required)  
Last Name (* required)  
Home Address:  
Property Number/Name
Email Address  
An acknowledgement will be sent to
the email address you specify here
Telephone Number
8. Check the information you have entered and click on the button below to submit the fault report.

Click on the page orientation to preview your map:
Portrait Landscape
The layout of this page is designed so that you can view map based information on the right hand side of your screen at all times, whilst allowing you to view and query text based information on the left hand side using the tabs.
Using the Map
  • Drag the map with your mouse
  • Use the zoom bar on the left of the map to zoom in or out
  • Use the arrows on the top-left of the map to scroll
  • Use the centre square of the arrows to go back to the start
  • Click on the map to identify items on the map
Linking to the Map
  • Right click on the link below
  • Select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location"
  • Link to this map (grid reference 0)
  • Please be aware that the information available in this system may change or become unavailable, and this will affect the map you are creating a link to. You should therefore regularly check that your map is up to date.
Map Features tab
  • When the map is zoomed out, only the map scale is shown.
  • You can zoom in on the map to view all the details in a particular area. Use the checkboxes to add data to the map, e.g. schools, libraries, parks, etc.
  • Much of this information is available in text format, try using the search box in the top-right corner.
Highway Faults tab
  • Report faults with roads, footpaths, bridges, and other facilities managed by the local authorities
  • Complete the form and drag the flag onto the map to mark where the fault lies.
  • The request will be delivered directly to our engineering department who will handle the enquiry.
Print tab - Print in portrait or landscape formats.
Help tab - Gives advice on how to use the functionality contained in this page.
Overview map