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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
ThurstastonThurstaston114John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudCroft 0231 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston115John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudGarden 0038 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston116John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudHouse and Garden 0125 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston117John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 238 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston118John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 3332 Map
MoretonBidston118Robert VynerHenry (in Lease) Youd Potatoes6135 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston119John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 404 Map
MoretonBidston119Robert VynerHenry (in Lease) YoudHouse and GardenBuilding and garden0132 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston120John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudPart of a Close 010 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston121John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 4919 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston122John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 1030 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston123John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 314 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston124John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 3015 Map
ThurstastonThurstaston125John Baskervyle GleggJohn YoudA Close 2128 Map
FrodshamFrodsham155aAbraham YoudAbraham YoudHomestead 0016 Map
MoretonBidston172Robert VynerHenry (in Lease) YoudHalf AcreHay1127 Map
HelsbyFrodsham196bGeorge James Horatio
Marquis of Cholmondeley
John YoudDelightsMeadow3027 Map
MoretonBidston216Robert VynerHenry (in Lease) YoudCroftHay025 Map
KingsleyFrodsham279William YoudWilliam YoudHomestead & Garden 0036 Map
KingsleyFrodsham280William YoudWilliam YoudDale Field 1018 Map
IrbyWoodchurch42John Ralph ShawWilliam Froughton
Thomas Youd
Dwellings and GardenBuilding and Garden0137 Map
KingsleyFrodsham461James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudBig Hatley 9210 Map
KingsleyFrodsham465James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudLittle Hatley 6017 Map
KingsleyFrodsham467James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudCastle Croft 3028 Map
KingsleyFrodsham468James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudHorse Pasture 7334 Map
KingsleyFrodsham469James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudHollins 4122 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham506James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudBacksideArable4215 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham507James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudHouse FieldMowing4021 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham508James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudHomestead & Garden 0338 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham509James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham Youd      Map
DodlestonDodleston511Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudThe moorHay3037 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham532James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudRiddingsPasture520 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham533James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudMill FieldPasture5130 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham547James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudFurther HeysPasture427 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham548James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudMiddle HeysPasture4134 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham549James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudBroad Heys (near)Arable610 Map
Frodsham LordshipFrodsham550James Hugh Smith BarryAbraham YoudLittle RiddingsArable4223 Map
DodlestonDodleston638Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudLower fieldPasture415 Map
DodlestonDodleston640Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudHouse fieldGrass5313 Map
DodlestonDodleston641Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudIntakeHay7310 Map
DodlestonDodleston642Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudWheat fieldOats now Wheat125 Map
DodlestonDodleston643Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudHouse Garden &cBuilding and Garden0234 Map
DodlestonDodleston646Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudCroftPasture0211 Map
DodlestonDodleston651Sir Stephen Richard GlynneSamuel YoudFurther lower fieldPasture226 Map
DodlestonDodleston663Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudThe cribPasture6312 Map
DodlestonDodleston664Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudRoadThoroughfare0023 Map
DodlestonDodleston665Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudField adjoining dairydownOld Pasture3225 Map
DodlestonDodleston670Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudMiddle fieldHay4032 Map
DodlestonDodleston671Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudOak fieldOats1129 Map
DodlestonDodleston679Sir Stephen Richard GlynneWilliam YoudThistley fieldHay6228 Map
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